Friday, January 11, 2013

The NRA pt. 2

   I hear that NRA "membership" is growing thanks to the nigger's incessant harping on keeping guns in the hands of the military - which he runs - and out of the hands of the citizens and illegal aliens of America - who he despises.
   From what I can determine from the NRA's job performance for as long as I have been alive, the only thing they are good at is gathering subscribers and paying appreciators of their bad job performance. If they have undone any federal anti gun legislation in their entire history I need to be told about it. From what I can see the steady erosion of the so-called "right to bear arms" seems to be proceeding at its slow and relentless and unwavering steady pace.
   Maybe their claim to fame is that they have "slowed" the erosion from what it would have been had they not had paid subscribers.
   I don't call this praiseworthy. I call this failing.
   The members, however, are simply thrilled as can be to simply have an "I am a proud member of the NRA" sticker and continuing updates of new anti-gun legislation being proposed by all the assholes they have put into office. "I am going to vote for this person and then fight against him tooth and nail" seems to be the adventure being undertaken by these people. These noble warriors are the first to panic when the asshole police departments of their towns threaten to go on strike if pensions aren't raised.The "cold dead fingers" militia, I call them. You will have to kill them to take their guns.
   My experience is that illogical blowhards never put up much resistance, and they sure won't put up any to the police they are so devoted to providing with job security when the cops systematically come a-knocking at their doors to search for weapons.


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