Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Left Wing

   The goal of the left wing is to eradicate progress and comfort. This is done via politics, a left wing creation. Left wingers are only comfortable and have "quiet time" when there are no people alive utilizing the objects and artifacts in Nature to better their lives. Left wingers are also not comfortable in a capitalistic world, where politics has no value, where only productivity matters. This is a terrifying world to a left winger. So they invented something called "higher callings." These can be anything imaginary, though a "floating abstraction" is what they prefer. These include any deity, something called a nation, a sport they only watch, anyone someone else considers "famous" for no concrete reason, which would exclude scientists and industrialists and inventors, something called "causes" and something called "everyone but you" which is the foundation of socialism, by far their most successful creation for the eradication of progress.
   Interestingly, right wingers proclaim to detest left wingers, even though they have the exact same goals, but without the same level of energy to implement those goals. Because they often have other things to do so cannot devote 100% of their time and energy to them. Unlike left wingers, who are driven like demons to implement their goals, preferably through rivers of blood.


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