Sunday, December 23, 2012

Token Niggers

   White people have to put niggers in their movies because niggers are incapable of starting their own movie studios. Now you would THINK that any self respecting nigger would take offense that he was being hired just because the government - made up of white people - ordered the studio - made up of white people - to hire the nigger just because he was a nigger - made up ob black people. But niggers have no problem with that. Because they are not white. They are niggers. It's a black think not having any pride in themselves. I know what you are thinking, they originated "black pride." Black pride means "be proud that you have whitey on the fucking run and scared shitless of you going Chimpout Crazy and burning everything down in a tantrum fury of asshole rage." That's what Black Pride actually means. It has nothing to do with actual pride. In Niggerese pride is defined as "having no pride."  Niggers are not good with words. If they were Shakespeare would have been a nigger.


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