Saturday, November 3, 2012

Disney Buys Lucas Episode 11 - The real Mouseketeers vs your mental fantasy of them

   The above picture is what you were supposed to see inside your head when you looked at a Mouseketeer's ass in her plaited, forever-atwirling-upwards butt-enveloping blue skirt. I believe this is Crissy Moran but I am not sure. Crissy Moran was not born when the Mouseketers were born, but she was their inspiration just the same. When it is said Walt Disney was a genius that is understating it. He was also a genius rascal. Nubileness was always high on his to-do list. Tinkerbell was no wall flower, the female centaurs in Fantasia and some of the trollop-like demonesses heading towards Bald Mountain in the same movie did not have black bars over their nipples. When Walt saw Annette at God only knows where, a bright light illuminated an entire new and unused portion of his vaulting, soaring intelligence. He not only saw a face that would melt the heart of Male America, he saw an emptyness of head that would forever never realize her power over the Disney empire if she had but chosen to use it, and a body that could have been the new Marilyn Monroe if she had had the sense Allah gave Mohammed which was just above none. I sometimes but not often muse and wonder and speculate if maybe her reluctance to give to Sperm Producing America the sight that they had had their hands on their dicks for years to see and release into the air of the room the semen so-long denied escape was causing God's judgement upon her for being so selfish and prudish. Fair to say she very likely thought that by being uncorrupted by the flesh-baring temptations of Satan she would earn for herself unending admiration from the hosts of heaven. It is not likely any punishment from God for showing us her nipples and ass and labia majorii could have been any worse than what happened to her despite her virtue.
   As a Rational Christian I am convinced that her MS is neither a punishment nor a test. God has not run a test on humanity since Adam and Abraham. Christ ended the testing and ended the interventions. Jesus gave us enough to figure things out. He did His job. We are not doing ours because we are....anyone?......stupid?, not in the back?.......very stupid?, but that's a good guess. it's because we are LAZY!! YES!! That's correct, we are stuck because we are lazy. And also obstinate, like the stiff-necked Hebrews of old. And of new. We are just like them. In fact there are some theories that we actually are them. But none of that interests me, I leave all that to the British Israelites who are convinced that they - like the Masons and the Scientologists - are supermen and wise beyond all wisdom. Which I would define as stupid.
   If there are saints then Annette will be the patron saint of television and electronic media and the internet and the new global nation of nationlessness. She singlehandedly - via of course Walt Disney - brought all the world together in a way Hitler and Stalin and Mao and the homosexual deviates of Congress could only fantasize about. And what was her reward?...a life of crippled bones and ruined muscles and devastated looks and wizened skin 50 years before her time allotted for these happy circumstances. From what I hear she has endured all of it with the sweetness and patience and lack of ill will that was always her nature. If there are saints then she is one of them.


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