Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Argument For Government

   The argument for government seems to go like this: "Well, we need government to take our stuff and order us around and put us in jail and make us pay fines and make everything illegal and send us to war and make us pay fees for things we don't use and to make us keep our mouths shut and do what they say even though we are not employed by them and order us to go to a place of "duty" in order to declare people who we never met whether they are guilty or innocent of things that may or may not be actually wrong and at any rate do not concern us personally and to pull us over to see if we own things we are not allowed to own even if we have a receit so that the government can confiscate it and to make national parks that you have to pay to enter and then suffer the privations of Job because of not only the lack of facilities and amenities but also the lack of permission to provide some since they refuse do it themselves. Otherwise we would have chaos."
   It could be, based on this, that chaos might preferable to the absence of it that we have now.


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