Friday, November 23, 2012

A Dilemma In Hawaii

   In Hawaii there are so many people producing their own power with solar cells that the government power companies are thinking about making solar panels illegal. This is not how it is being reported. What is being reported is that the government power companies are "concerned" that the private output will exceed government output and "will endanger everyone." That is not how they are putting that either. They are saying something involving a very complex array of doubletalk that sounds like perfect sense if you dont actually pick it apart. Which I won't waste my time doing.
   So here is the dilemma: how does a government that cannot produce enough power profitably and has to operate by edict rather than by performance, how does it outlaw competition that it itself encouraged in order to prevent rioting when it would become unable to deliver power due to increased demand?
   This will be a government First. I can't imagine how they will play this to make it sound like government is necessary and private enterprise is dangerous.


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