Monday, November 19, 2012

The Blessing Of Ayn Rand's Atheism

   Christians, being a generally stupid lot, leaving their brains on the barbeque grates to sizzle in the grease whenever they open their Bibles and/or the doors to their churches, if they have heard of Ayn Rand at all, which most haven't, since Christians don't tend to read things that are not approved by Rome if they are Catholics and approved by granma if they are not, they know that she was a fervent atheist and made no secret of it and had nothing but disgust for people who believed in god regardless of what god it was, but mainly the God of Israel and Christianity. She was a Jew, incidentally, and it is not unusual to have revolutionary ideas in human history come from Jews.
   I myself do believe in God, if that's the proper way to put it, it's actually more than a belief, I read his book and learned what he did and see the results, so its not a "belief" actually, its having read the historical record and going "oh, ok, now for some porn!" That sort of thing. It's almost a nonchalance and casual thing, my "belief" in God. It's a particular, distinct, God and I also believe in Diane Sawyer, except that I don't like Diane Sawyer. But I believe they both exist because I have seen the evidence, so it's more than a belief it's just something I can very clearly and easily see having learned about God and Diane Sawyer.
   Ayn Rand was not that kind of person. She not only did not believe in the supernatural, she believed in nothing mystical, nothing religious, nothing involving any kind of deity, and in nothing born of superstition.
   It is for this reason that she was able to see government for what it actually is: a collection of assholes claiming to have magic powers.
   Up until Ayn Rand government was assumed to be either divine itself or divinely ordained. Why this is the mindset of Christians and Jews is a bit confusing since the Bible that they both put so much fucking stock in clearly proclaims human government to be a big pile of oppressive shit leading to slavery, death, poverty, war, disease, and universal misery without end. Hell on earth in other words. This can be found in the Book of Samuel, I think, when the Israelites demanded a king and God told them all the shitty things the king would do, since they all do exactly the same things. The people said we don't give a shit we want a king. So God said whatdafuck, ok, fuck you, go elect a king. So they did and Israel quickly collapsed into 3000 years of hell and disappearance and persecution. Now that Israel exists again - against all possible historic and natural odds - they will likely choose a king again and this one will likely be a doozie. Cause Jews don't fucking change.
   Ayn Rand, having been born in Soviet Russia after the commies took over and since this was like a herd of niggers taking over, since Marxism is basically Veldt Nigger Politics And Society Disguised As Western Philosophy, Marxism overnight reduced everyone to poverty and life-in-the-dirt - like African niggers -  and created a society of prisoners doing slave labor for the government officers, like a giant village of Watusis squatting in the shrubs and stickers and flies with no running water and no lights and no food and no future, Ayn Rand having been born into this prehistoric mess, she was already predisposed to having a non-religious attitude toward bureaucrats -  unlike Americans of today and Americans of the post-revolutionary period when the Floundering Fathers were climbing all over themselves to be the first to "write a piece of legislation" which is the dream of every bureaucrat, to create an edict forcing people to obey them. She - unlike the Floundering Fathers -  did not see government as a divine institution and a magical arena of miracles-by-decree. As a result she was able to put government rulers into the category they deserved to be in: 1 -  people who took other peoples' stuff; and, 2 - people who ordered people -  they never met and didn't know -  to obey them. This was what government - all government - was to her. Which, actually, is correct, she was correct in this assessment, that is all government really actually is.
   To everyone else on earth, before Ayn Rand, however, government was a magical sphere that shone above the citizenry of any and all countries, every country having its own magical shiny sphere, and every citizen of every country living and dying for the sake of the sphere, and obeying the sphere and giving the sphere all of their stuff and all of their devotion and all of their time and attention and eventually their lives, and passing these teachings down to their children in order to keep the next generation as fucked up as all the previous ones for 20,000,000 years of human history, starting with the lemur, which lives within a government called a "lemur pack."
   Because Ayn Rand's perfect 20/20 vision of what government actually is was so clear and so precise and so evident and so in-her-own-face she was compelled to inform others of what was deluding and deceiving them. Because she had a gift and a compulsion to "make stuff up" she imported all this knowledge into novels: make believe adventures with make believe people to make the make believe world of "magical government" more real.
   She could not have done this if she believed in god. Western Man's belief in God has resulted in a facility for superstition - which God disapproves of, incidentally. But Western Man, created in a large part by the Catholic Church, the most superstitious entity in human history, is more than excited about making anything and everything into a magical wonderland of dizzyfying magic! This has had its most lavish expression in the United States, where every citizen and illegal alien is subjected to 4 (four) magical governments of relentless edicts and punishments, Federal, State, County and Municipal. Americans cannot get enough government, they are soaking in them.
   Ayn Rand clearly saw that this was folly. And devoted her life to proving and demonstrating it. For her trouble in bringing about this intellectual and sociological revolution she is known as "that atheist woman."


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