Friday, November 23, 2012

Observation Of The Day

   "Jew" and "Mexican" are the only formal and proper names of group-identification that are also insults. Something to think and wonder about, perhaps, if you re either a Jew or a Mexican.
   Now, of course, it's true that every group has a slang version of its name that is intended as an insult. Italians for example are called wops and guinies and dagos and greaseballs when someone wants to insult an Italian or wants to belittle them. Germans are krauts, although this is not exactly insulting, the English are limeys, the Swedes don't have an insulting name for them, African-derived negroes are niggers, and it all goes on and on and on forever, with everyone. But only Jews and Mexicans - while they both have  a huge fuckin' shitload of alternative calling cards, all of them insulting - Jews and Mexicans are the only groups that also have their formal official and proper designation included in the Insult Pile of names and references.
   If you call out "Hey, you!....Norwegian!! Come here!" - the Norwegian will come over and say "Yes? May I help you?"
   If you call out "You! Argentinian!! Step over here!" the Argentinian will say "Me? Sure. How may I help you."
   If you see a Mexican or a Jew and you say "Hey! Jew! Step over here!" well; and, oh my; there will be quite a commotion on the sidewalk on that day I assure you from the Jew - well, maybe not from the Jew, they tend to run and hide when trouble comes - but certainly from the Jew Defenders who will likely be there in small numbers, and they will say "Use some manners, sir!" or if you call out to a Mexican "You, there! You! Mexican! Step over here!" well, my fren, you are going to likely be talking to a man with a small stolen pocket knife at your throat in a very short time.
   Even the common nigger is free from this strange onus. Historically the lowest rung of the Family of Man ladder, even the Negro has as his formal polite and proper designation a name that is not an insult. You can say "negro" all day long and well into the night and never have anyone, negro or otherwise, get upset about it. But just walk around in a store saying "Jew" over and over. Or "Mexican." You are going to have some problems in a moment or two from somebody about it. And they may not even be Jews or Mexicans, that's the really weird part.
   Try it! Don't just take my word for it. Walk down the aisle of the supermarket saying in a loud voice "Moroccan!!" "Romanian!" "Ethiopian!"
   Only silence will greet you.
   Now try it saying "Jew!" "Mexican!"
   A very different story mon ami. A very different story indeed.
   Now, you have to wonder "Are the Jews and the Mexicans cognizant of this?... are they aware that their formal term of address is also the worst thing you can call them?"
   This I do not know. Talk about a Masters Thesis just waiting to be written, this is it.
   Stay hate-filled my friend.


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