Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Fuck The Atheist Scum

   There is only one way to defeat the fucking atheists who are trying to fuck with Christianity: and that is to do away with the public sector. It's the public spaces and public buildings and public arenas that the atheists rule, which is appropriate because the public sector is the fucked up sector where hell breaks loose and fucks things up 24 hours a day. If there was no public sector there would be no atheists coming out of the shitholes every ten seconds to shit on Christians. And you never hear of these fucks fucking with Islam. They don't have a problem with Islam because they know Islam's god is non existant;. It's only Christianity they have a problem with because they know Jesus is God and atheists are faggot asshole pieces of gay asshole shit. It's simple as as that, it's not mysterious or complex or hard to understand at all, ok, say after me, atheists are faggot asshole pieces of gay asshole shit. There ya go. Take your "A" on your report card and take it home and let your mother blow you for your reward.


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