Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ballets And Ballys

   One o' these groups o' women work in ballets. The other group o' women works at Ballys. Both groups do the same thing: they dance on stage to music.
  The women groups involved in ballets are considered very proper and refined ladies even though they spend most of the time during the dances they do spreading their inner thighs as far apart from each other as possible to reveal a thin strip of costuming running along the surface of their cunt slit.
   The other group of women, the one from Ballys, spend most of their dance time with their legs together and their hands on their hips.
   In ballet it's usually someone else's hands on their hips,and its always a man.
   The women at Ballys dance with other women and no men.
   The women in ballets dance with men whose cocks and balls are bulging past their elastic tights, their buttocks muscles flexing and relaxing a million times to the plain sight of the audience - which has no age restrictions - and standing close to the women in the cuntstrips with their cocks and balls usually in physical contact with the woman's ass or twat or upper thigh. Often the man will lift the ballet woman from the back, his hands on her hips, lifting her upwards and then letting her slide down his upraised hands, her tits gliding under his palms and fingers on the way down. This is a common maneuver in ballet.
   At Ballys the women wear high heels which, when they walk in them, causes the women to move in a sultry, attractive way that accentuates their erotic natural physicalness.
   In ballet the women wear shoes with blocks in front of the toes, which, when they walk or step in a normal way makes them look like erratic clowns trying to appear as though wearing large corks in front of their feet is dainty and petite. It is considered ignorant to laugh when this happens.
   At Balleys no man ever comes close to one of the women, assuming there even are any men on stage. If they are on stage they are usually dressed in full tuxedos and off by themselves merely looking at the women and never feeling their tits and asses. No one under 18 is allowed to see the Ballys women dance.
   The women in ballet are considered virtuous goddessess of the dance and of society.
   The women at Balleys are considered trolloping slattern tawdry whores unworthy even of the name slut, and unfit company for anyone with a shred of self respect.
   Welcome to planet Earth.


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