Friday, November 23, 2012

Hating Negroes For The Color Of Their Skin

   People - and I mean all of them - do not hate "negroes" for the color of their skin. People hate negroes because negroes are worthless, looting, brain dead, trouble-makers. It has nothing to do with skin color.
   I don't know who the guy is that starts all these false-concept slogans that are designed to warp and pervert and twist the real meaning of something into something different and manages to get everyone not to notice. But this fucker is totally incapable of ducking from me. I can spot that mother fucker on the backside of the moon when I am in a shitter in a salt mine in Borneo at midnight with the lights out. And when he first stated "We must not hate people for the color of their skin" I said back to him "It has nothing to do with skin color, fucknuts. It has to do with the asshole inside of the black skin that's the problem. Not the skin. And that asshole inside the skin is someone everyone hates. It's not just "needing something to do" that is generating the hate, shithead. The hate is there for a reason."
   That's what I said.
    Now then, Hindu Indians are blacker than most American negroes but nobody starts calling the real estate agent when Jabara Haral moves into the neighborhood. Because there is no reason to. Under Jabara Haral's black skin is a normal human being who is a part of Earth Civilization. If you hand him a flower he doesn't look at you with a blank stare wondering why it isn't a 20 dollar bill instead or your entire life savings. No, Mr. Haral will politely take the flower and sniff it gently and say thank you. He won't yell "WATTS YO' PROBLEM, MUVVA FUKKA, I SED HAND ME YO' WALLIT, NOT CHYO' JIVE-ASS, ROSE GAWDEN, PIECE OF SHIT, POSEY-ASS NOSE GAY!!" Or something equally as abrupt and befuddled and demanding and lacking the vocabulary
   So it ain't skin color that is the problem. It's soul color. It's adaptability color. It's intelligence color. It's attitude color. It's niceness color. It's "not part of humanity" color. Even the fucking Arabs can - and do - put up a skyscraper once in a while. Even a fucking Mexican will once in a while graduate from architecture school and design a wondrous piece of art hundreds of people can live or work in. A black as pitch Burmese jungle sub-ape can apply to and gain entrance in Cal Tech and come out with a revolutionary paper on physics and subatomic particles and change the course of software history. There is not a jap or a nip or a chink or a gook or a slope or a flipper on the planet who will not bow to you in gratitude and politeness if you walk up to him and ask him the time of day> He will be happy to see you and interact with you. At no time will he scream "WHUT DA FUKSSIT TO YA, WHITEY! GIT CHO FUKKIN ASS OUTA MY FACE YOU HONKEY DEBBIL PEESUH SHIT BEHFOE AH FUCK YO' ASS UP!!" It just would not occur to a slant-eye yellow man to respond in that way. You would have to kill most his family, half of his cows, cut off one of his balls, set fire to the foreskin of his pecker and confiscate all of his porn for him to get as mad at you as a nigger will for asking him the time of day. A zipperhead will bow, bow again, bow three more times, wave you inside, beg your forgiveness for no reason, offer you tea, have his favorite daughter wait upon you, and if he's an Eskimo will plead for you to fuck his wife just for asking him the time of day.
   Niggers will do none of these things. And it ain't because they have black skin. It's because they have no understanding of human existence. They don't get it. And if they do it's because of some tear in the fabric of space and time and they just think they are not negroes, for some reason; really good hypnosis, or something. But if you were to sit these raritiesof Nature down and explain to them that they are really some other category of human called "negro," and you show them how to light someone else's car on fire or how to enter a Vietnamese liquor store while shooting a Glock sideways -  they would immediately revert to their natural state and you would never see them act white or Japanese or even Apache again.
   None of this happens because of the color of their skin. It happens because of the absence of their humanity.
   I am not saying they are inhuman. I am saying they are nonhuman.
   Now I know that they can produce young from breeding a negro with a non negro. In science this makes them homo sapiens, just like us. You can also breed a Canadian wolf to a Brooklyn Jew's Pekenese yap dog and you'll get something. But who knows what the fuck it is and what the fuck it will be good for. There's dogs, and then there's dogs people want to have around.
   Same fuckin' thing with  people.
   So we dont hate people for the color of their skin. We hate people 'cause they are stupid, prehistoric, African Subcontinent veldt-scavengers with no understanding of responsibility or of right and wrong who stare at the sun because they think it is alive and who are convinced that being as rhythmical as parrots makes them fine additions to the neighborhood.


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