Friday, January 15, 2010

What The Fuck Is Haiti's Problem Anyway.

Well, if you do any research on Haiti, as I have been trying to do since the earthquake - you don't get much help. As to the REASON Haiti is so fucked up?....not a clue. Nobody has any idea what the problem is. The Haitian Enigma is apparently of an order of mysteriousness as particle physics. Haiti gets 70 inches of rain a year - but they have no water. The Domican Republic - on the other side of the island - gets the same amount. Except over there they capture it and have water when Haiti has none. Hatians die by the tons due to their insistence on drinking filthy water. It COULD be Haitians are stupid. And as John Wayne said there's no cure for that. It almost really is as though the place is cursed. The AP says that Haiti is a "fervently religious" country. They don't say what the religion is but I HEAR it's voodoo. Pat Robertson is getting flack from, well, everyone, because he said the place actually IS cursed. That they made a pact with the devil. I don't know if they made a pact with the devil, he didn't give any details and nobody is either backing up the tale or refuting it. So far he just said it and everyone seems to be pissed off that he said it. Saying they made a pact with the devil is a lot more charitable than what I'm saying: that they're all idiot fucked up dopes. They don't seem to HAVE bureaucrats there, so I guess things COULD be worse.


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