Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haitian Niggers With Machetes "Frustrated And Angry"

That's the way the Associated Press described savage niggers with machetes chopping up people trying to get water. You see, if you are born a nigger you have something to be frustrated and angry about right from the getgo. So therefore you get to be frustrated and angry 24 hours a day for as long as you live and if your frustration and anger involves chopping up people with a machete like your brothers in Ruanda do when THEY are frustrated and angry about being born niggers, well, then, that's ok. You're frustrated and angry. Who could blame you. "Well they're niggers who are black so they are frustrated and angry because as far as I am concerned if you are black then you are inferior." That's basically the thinking of the Associated Press. Niggers are inferior by virtue of being niggers. They get a free machete-pass. That ain't the way I see it. They need to get machine gunned is the way I see it. Maybe that's why the nigger wasted no time sending the Marines in. He knew that the Haitian niggers are just a tad below piranha on the food chain of civility and that if they were left to their own devices they would slaughter everyone in the country and it would look bad. So he'll send the Marines in and God help them if they kill anyone: Obama will have their heads in court. And probably not a civilian court which is an honor he only provides to Muslim combatants. The Associated Press is very concerned that if the nigger in chief does not "respond immediately" he might get pilloried like Bush did when the Louisianna niggers and the AP said he did not respond "quickly enough" to suit them. The AP apparently considers Haiti part of the US. And Obama might too for all anyone knows, he ain't a bright guy. He thinks there's 57 States. Haiti goddamn-well might be one of 'em.


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