Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Update: The Dominican Republic Is Fine

The situation in Haiti is getting worse. And it was abysmal before the quake. On the plus side everyone alive now has plenty to eat. Cannibalism is more or less on the menu anyway and now there is plenty of meat for the pots. Haiti is a country that consists of HALF of an island. The other half of the island is the country of the Dominican Republic. You never hear about "the squalid pesthole of the Dominican Republic" do you. That is because things are normal there. They don't eat each other, they don't pray to demons, they don't put curses on people, they don't do voodoo, they entertain tourists, not eat them. If this earthquake had occurred in the Dominican Republic the mess would have been cleaned up by now and the dead people would all be buried. In Haiti they don't KNOW enough to bury the dead. They have been living with dead people laying around the streets for hundreds of years. Now there are just a lot more of them. No problem. They'll rot and get eaten by bugs soon. No need to worry about disease, every hellish disease known to mankind was already in full bloom and on a rampage long before the earthquake hit. Things will settle down. The rats will clean up the place. The only bad thing will be that all the American personnel that the nigger in chief sent there - they'll probably all die horrrible deaths. From the filth and pestilence that is Haiti before and after every earthquake. It's Haiti. It's hell on earth. It always has been. It always will be. I hope the Weather Channel figures all this out so that I can find out whether it's going to rain tomorrow where EYE am and not where the fucking Haitians are. Fuck me running.


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