Friday, January 22, 2010

Hope For Haiti

There's a Hope For Haiti telethon on. Hope for Haiti is like rectangular spiral lines. There's no such thing. There's nothing you can give a Haitian that he would know how to use. And even if there was such a thing they been makin' it pretty clear for ten days that there is no fucking way to get anything to anyone even if there was anything to get to them. There's no roads. There's no anything. You can't even land a helicopter because it's just a big hellhole of death and rubble and lunatics running around. The telethon is making it pretty clear that they want cash. When there is a telethon of any kind the Mafia is involved. They created the telethon. Telethons started the day after television started. There were so many fucking many of them that they had to keep it down to one a year, except when a golden opportunity to fleece a bunch of idiots showed up, like an earthquake in Haiti for instance. What the fuck is in Haiti worth saving. There should be a telethon for the purpose of finding a way to create another major earthquake in the area, the first one was so successful. Even third world countries consider Haiti to be off the charts pesthole-wise. They breed and die, breed and die there. It's like a petri dish of humans. It's the Calcutta and Bangladesh of the Western Hemisphere. It's a fucking disgrace. It's Central Africa in miniature. It's a nigger country where white people don't exist. Every nigger country with no white people to take care of them is a big pile of dead bodies. That's all niggers know how to do on their own: fuck kill, and die. Fuck, kill, and die. "Hope For Haiti." HAHAHAHAHAHA. How about "Hope For Me Growing A Ten-Inch Dick." Send me some money, I'll keep you posted. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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