Monday, January 18, 2010

Gen. Ken Keen Goes To Haiti

This is the guy in charge of trying to get the shit in Haiti from the airport to the looters. He is having a tough time doing it. Naturally, with the Associated Press being the news arm of America, there are no details or specifics. But just looking at the general here, I have seen guys in jail that look ten times tougher and meaner and brighter than this guy. Now, like I say, I don't know nuthin' about this feller: but he looks kind of third world himself, at least in this picture. And his excuse for not getting the shit where it's supposed to go - not that I care personally, I don't know anyone in fucking Haiti - his excuse is that "there's problems." It is my personal feeling that Obama assigns people to things who he knows are worthless, so that he can blame them. Oh, to the press he says that he himself is responsible. But him and the press both know that ain't the real world, the world of the "news." The world of the "news" is a fairy take made up daily by journalists. The real world is the inside of the Obama head. And inside that head is a guy who is terrified of competence. Because he has none himself. So he surrounds himself with idiots, people actually stupider than he is. I have met a million bosses like this. He's is typical. He ain't no mystery man and he SURE ain't no genius. He's a total fuckup. Plain and simple. He'll probly take Keen off the job and put a thief in charge who will set up shop on the tarmac and give Obama a cut of the proceeds. That seems to be the Obama way of doing business.


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