Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why Nobody Cares About Haiti

Nobody actually cares about Haiti. Nobody actually cares WHAT happens to niggers. In Africa the niggers kill each other by the millions. Now, in WW1 and 2 white people killed each other by even more millions and with bigger and better weapons. The niggers in Africa and Haiti didnt care. And we didn't expect them to. We knew we had to solve it on our own. Why should we care abut the niggers in Africa and Haiti? We don't. The world just can't seem to come to the conclusion that the white world - which would be Western Civilization - and the black world - which would be called The Pleistocene - are about 100 million years apart from each other in habits and weapons of human destruction. We here in White World are concerned about nuclear attack and biological warfare. We are not too concerned about earthquakes. We have bigger problems. And if we DO have an earthquake??.....most of us have made preparations. We make buildings our of rebar. not rocks. And we don't believe in zombies. We believe we shall all walk around again, raised from the dead, in a tenth dimensional world of emerald buildings and fairies. And we do not have voodoo. We have Transubstantiation where a dead Jew who created the universe is commanded to inhabit a disk of
hardened wheat flour at the direct spoken order of a child molester. So do NOT fuck with us.


At January 22, 2010 at 9:17 AM , Blogger Backwater said...

I DO! I DO! I DO! I'll fry for this one. OK, I was already in the pan for past deeds.


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