Friday, January 22, 2010

Haitian Body Surplus

Can't they just send the dead Haitians to Germany and have the Auschwitz ovens started up again? They need to let the Germans handle this surplus of carcasses. If the Germans aren't interested, though I don't know why they wouldn't be, maybe the Jews could be recruited for the job, if the ovens won't fire-up due to years of needless disuse. Jews are great grave diggers. Jews are always anxious to dispose of dead bodies. They have a lot more experience disposing of fellow Jews but I think they could be pointed toward the heaps of dead Haitians and I think those old grave-digging impulses and instincts would just kick right in again just like in the old days. The way I feel about it is when you have mountains of dead bodies, let the people who are used to dealing with mountains of dead bodies do the job. That would be the Russians, the Germans, and the Cambodians. Now, niggers are NOT good at this. They have mountains of dead bodies in Africa and the other niggers - just like in Haiti - walk around and do nothing and complain about the smell. Everything's just nuts, you know?


At January 22, 2010 at 10:51 AM , Blogger jj solari said...

i would like to thank dennis for the german mass grave joke and woman of the north for the aushwitz joke. intelligent, sadistic friends make life a lot easier and a lot more fun.


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