Thursday, June 22, 2017

from facebook jail

the republicans won all four of the special election that were held the other day. the press is proclaiming this a loss for the republicans. this is how schizophrenics reason: ass backwards and upside down. this loss has gotten trump - who is not aware that this is a loss - he has gotten all excited and is making speeches to vast crowd of white people and hot white chicks all over again. a sniper has allegedly killed a sandnigger from two miles away. this is clearly bogus. the press would never verify a "report." a woman who told her boyfriend to kill himself has been found guilty of manslaughter. the court system is clearly a bad idea. but its what we have and it cant be changed because the constitution created it and the constitution is what we're stuck with: a suicidal document. let's keep it is the rule. lets keep this, it employees billions of government employees. a guy who said he buried two million dollars is being asked by a cop - an idiot cop -  to declare "the hunt over."  two people died looking for the treasure. he will probably later be tried for manslaughter. you heard it here first. ron howard is going to direct the hans solo movie. previous directors have been fired. i guess they were too creative. ron howard will on the other hand make sure the hans solo movie will be as lifeless as han solo himself. think of it: a han solo movie: directed and overseen by ron howard. i actually fell asleep typing this. john oliver looks like some sort of crazed otter. he is being sued by a coal tycoon for libel and slander. oliver said he expected it. i wonder if he also expected to be destitute. which is what is very likely next for john oliver. isis blew up a mosque attached to which was (was) a minaret that leaned, was 900 years old, and revered by muslims. so the muslims have managed to piss off the muslims. there is no one muslims do not piss off. they are the chihuahuas of human kind.