Wednesday, June 21, 2017

blocked on facebook

some asshole reported me for saying dyke on facebook. facebook, the outfit that delights in posting muslim-recruitment war ads has a problem with me saying dyke and especially relating dykehood to being a democrat. i have been put in facebook jail often enough and usually it results in a period of "a sense of loss" and then eventual indifference. this time it has pissed me off. it's a kind of slow-burning pissed-off, more a kind of resolve. this emotion does not take me over very often but when it does good things and exciting things and things that involve pain and loss and frustration to others happens. i feel the power pouring into me. god help you, all assholes and useless fucks, up to and including Fuckerberg. will arnett is one of the judges on the gong show. he's the kiss of death for tv shows. and mike meyers looks like something from the twilight zone.