Saturday, September 3, 2016

"Sovereign Citizens"

     There is a group in the USA calling themselves the "Sovereign Citizens Movement," or some such moniker, one of whom made the news today when he was pulled over for driving like the asshole he likely is. He went on and on to the cop at the window about how he was free from the authority of the cop and demanded the cop identify himself, which the cop did, cause, shit, they'll do that much before they fuck up your life, they don't have a problem with identifying themselves, they like it, cause they like to be able to prove they are - like Mr. Sovereign - an asshole. So that all occured and then the cop proceeded with his asshole side of things and ordered the sovereign asshole out of the vehicle at which point the sovereign asshole went for a hidden pistol. Things became less and less sovereign for the sovereign Mr Webb from that point on and he is now reigning in jail.
    The trouble with Right Wing Independent Philosophers is that they are not good at philosophy. For example, calling yourself a "sovereign citizen" is calling yourself a contradiction. And contradictions don't exist. They are by definition non existent except as an abstract logical concept called "contradictions."Already I have lost and confounded any Right Wing Warriors of the Constitution with this. However, to continue, you cannot be a citizen and also be sovereign. In reality - let's say as far as God and Nature are concerned -  yes, you are a sovereign. As far as the cop is concerned you are a citizen. And he is the one you will be dealing with. Not God and Nature. So in other words, you were born sovereign, but you entered, at birth, a governmental control group of a "nation." So you were born a citizen of it. Being a citizen overrides sovereignty because you are outnumbered as a sovereign by the citizenry that doesn't care about sovereignty or anything else other than having you obey people you never met. Which is the nature of being a citizen. Or in other words the nature of citizenry is the exact opposite and contrary of being a sovereign. In Actual Reality you are a sovereign. In Human Social Reality, however, you are a slave. There is no such thing as a sovereign slave. And there is no such thing as a sovereign citizen. Mr. Webb is finding this out, in fact, but he is not capable of admitting to himself that that is what he is finding out. What he may be figuring out, though, is that he did not handle his traffic stop well.