Sunday, March 26, 2017

Trump In A Nutshell

trump's gotta be amazed every day at what lazyass piles of shit every elected bureaucrat is. i mean he's always known, but he was never one of them. but now that's all he sees every day AND he's the fucking boss. i bet every day he is tempted to close down DC altogether.
      here's the deal with trump: he basically has spent his life working with organized mafia crime bosses. that's the line of work he's in: construction and retail and customer service and investments. he has to work with union people who are all working for the five families. cause that's how things are. its what we do here. now the thing about organized crime mafia people is they all know what useless assholes bureaucrats are. they dont see majestic statesmen, they see useless conmen who somehow keep managing to convince "voters" that they are magical wizards who give you things. rather than satanic monsters who take everything from you.
         now the MOB they at least give you something for your money: drugs, pussy, a spin of the roulette wheel, liquor, more drugs, and "protection." the government also provides "protection" except government protection doesnt protect you and it often punishes you for no reason. at least the mafia doesnt punish you for no reason.
              so anyway mobsters see bureaucrats for what they are: organized crime. organized crime that provides no products or services. unlike actual organized crime. also the only reason organized crime is "crime" is because the other organized crime family - the government - has declared mobster organized crime "criminal." actually it's the government that is a genuinely criminal organization if you describe criminal as "taking things that dont belong to you and harming people who have not harmed you."
              now, if a mobster steals your car you have a good excuse to go over to him and fuck him up. if the government steals your car not only will you not be able to do anything about it but they will take you too, for no reason, if they feel like it. 
           the Mob never behaves this way. they have too much honesty.
         so anyway trump is now in charge of -basically - all of america's lazyass useless child molesting sociopathic sit-around, do nothing, imbecilic, Marxist bureaucrats. he's gotta be either laughing his ass off or shaking his head in despair. i hope he's laughing his ass off because i iwant a cigar and a margarita on the roof of the LV Trump and I need him around for me to do that. I dont need him in a Home For The Clinically Depressed.


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