Thursday, September 1, 2016

World Politics 101

Government is defined as "that agency that has a monopoly on the use of force." "Force" is defined as "initiating coercion." Resisting coercion is not force. It is self defense. Absence of government is not "anarchy." Absence of government is liberty. Anarchy cannot exist. Only, either, government or liberty can exist. There is no such thing as anarchy. There is only government or liberty. if you have government you cannot have liberty. if you have liberty you do not have government. You cannot have "limited" government. You cannot have a limit on a monopoly. People who proudly vouchsafe "limited government" are people who are going to lose to those desire unlimited - or normal - government. Because these latter people have the logical high ground. And they are being resisted by blithering idiots. Blithering idiots never win anything. Because they are stupid.
   The entertainment known as "war" can only occur between governments: two entities vying for a monopoly on the use of force. "Liberty and freedom" is never the result of war. Only who will hold the monopoly on the use of force is decided by war. No war in human history has ever resulted in liberty and freedom for the "winning" side. All that has been decided is which party is no longer vying for the title of tyrant.
     All governments are tyrannies. There are no "degrees" of government. There are only degrees on the varying expenditure of tyrannicism the acting government is releasing at any particular moment.


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