Friday, July 17, 2015

Latest Overland Letter to Donald Trump

                                                               The Republican "Debates"

Dear Donald Trump,  

     There is about as much chance of the other Republican candidates showing up to a debate you will be involved in as there is of me coming between the Hiltons and the Rothschilds in a romantic scandal involving the three of us and a herd of goats.

     The only candidate other than you who doesn't talk in soundbites, verbal stew, exhausted vocabulary attached to no actual concepts, and who isn't interested in "bringing things to the table" and "hitting the ground running" and reaching across the god damned aisle, and "doing this for our kids" and "not abandoning our elderly" and "establishing a dialogue" and "embracing the diversity" and ten million other piles of oral shit-explosions is Rand Paul. And his hair is even weirder than yours. At least yours looks like it went under a dryer at some point. His looks like he was just pulled out of the river.

     Ya know what?.....maybe he'd be the perfect running mate! Just from a hair standpoint! I mean, that's no more wacky than what brought Obama and Biden together: which was Biden's scotch and Obama's pot. At least with you and Paul your heads are only weird on the outside. Inside things are workin' pretty goddamn good.

     Keep kickin' ass.


J.J. Solari


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