Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Critics So Far

   I rail against the Constitution on three sites that come to mind that I remember: here, on Facebook, from which I have been banned from posting for a month because i say nigger a lot. A Marine of all people ratted me out because I hurt his feelings. My opinion of the Marines as a force-for-fear dropped a bit because of this incident. I guess their new war strategy is to tell the commanding officers of the enemy that their underlings are shooting at them and could they tell them to stop it.
   And, getting back to my original statement,  I do it - lambaste the Constitution -  to some extent on The Aging Rebel, a site run by a normal person and commented on by bloviating, strutting Dads Their Own Kids Want To Kill.
   So far I have never had anyone contradict anything bad I have said about the Constitution. I have had them all tell me to go fuck myself though. I keep telling them "For once it's not all about me: but rather, where is the error in my views." No one - and by "no one" i mean not one person ever by anyone's counting or number system - has ever said "Ok, well,  first of all you are wrong about……" and then told me what I was wrong about. I mean chitchat and cameraderie go right out the window. It's all "Why you commie pinko traitor, go live in Russia if you don't like it here." Actually I do like it here: San Simeon is only 250 miles away. In fact if I was going to move anywhere it would probably be there. But Russia? I would hate it there. I don't know why everyone thinks I would like it there better. Though I hear the teenage girls will fuck anything rather than not be fucking because orgasm is the only thing the State does not control or forbid or regulate there.


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