Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Everything You Need To Know About The Jews

   Hitler was right about the Jews, they actually are the cause of all the world's troubles. He was wrong in thinking that they all had to be killed. Without the law the Jews are helpless. They have no weapons without the law. They hide behind the law which they created. However if you get rid of the law the Jews will disappear. They will have no refuge. And I think we know from history that they sure as fuck ain't about to fight. Oh they might make a bit of a pretense at it. But when it comes to "Ok, fucker, let's settle this"…………no. It ain't gonna happen. They don't settle things. They drag them out. They can drag things out for thousands of years and never get tired or bored.
   Now the way you demonstrate that a Jew is helpless without the law is to suggest to him that all laws are evil. There will be no end to his laughing. However were you to whisper to him a plan that you created to abolish the existence of all human-legislated law he would kill you on the spot. He would find that ability to kill that Jews usually run away from and he would find it anxious to go to work because you would be so solidly dead within a billionth of a second that your body might not find out about if for a good five minutes. Meanwhile the Jew would be gone and you would be falling to the ground with not a soul around. That is how fast a Jew would kill you if you were to whisper to him a way to abolish all legislation and all courts of law and all methods of law enforcement. Try it. Well, if you come up with a way to….you know……do all that stuff. I actually know a way. But I'll be damned if I am going to say what it is here. I know for a fact at least 8 Jews read this. Getting killed by one Jew would be bad enough. Getting killed by eight of the fuckers? That would be hard to live down.


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