Sunday, September 8, 2013

Anyone But Jesus

   Everyone on earth wants some human to "lead them to victory" over something, most of the time the victory they want is over Making Any Kind of Effort. They also want lots of free stuff. The Declaration of Independence gives a couple of reasons why "governments are instituted among men" but they are not the real reasons governments are instituted among men. the real reason is so that the government will take one person's stuff and hopefully give it to you or will at least keep it for themselves, just so long as the person with the stuff does not have the stuff anymore. The only person people don't want leading them to victory is Jesus Christ, even though he actually laid out a plan that would result in everyone having a lot of stuff, even the ones that didnt do anything. This message seems to get lost by the time the Preachers take the pulpit, I notice. Not a-one of them ever talks about the Jesus Plan For Global Prosperity And Personal Liberty. Too busy inventing things and attributing them to Jesus, like, don't fuck, don't accumulate wealth, don't enjoy life, don't take drugs dont drink dont look at porn dont gamble dont have a good time do live in fear and so on and so forth forever.
   Fuck 'em.


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