Monday, September 2, 2013

Pete Sisco and the Freedom App

 Pete Sisco is the apparent torch carrier for the Andrew Galambos "natural republic" theory, which is not actually a theory but a discovery of what actually exists when slavery is absent. And if you live in a "Country" with a flag, etc, then you are a slave. You cannot have a "free country." A "country" is by definition a prison. You have to pay taxes in a "country." You cannot leave the "country" without informing the warden. Pete Sisco does not live in the USA, but he apparently used to, and despite his aloof attitude towards "the State" in general, he has a particular antipathy for the USA in particular and the American soldier, also in particular. This pisses the fucking shit out of me. I politely told him so once and he said we need to not communicate. That was fine with me, i would just as soon communicate with Bin Laden, at least he would not pretend that he was wiser than me. He would laugh and show be all his new explosives and explain why he was still "in the fight" so to speak, unlike Pete Sisco, who is content to try and undermine the USA in particular without actually taking up arms against it. Since he likely can't shoot worth shit, and judging from his girth would take too much plaque off his arteries to suit him. He has written something stupidly called The Freedom App which is available only on Kindle. It is - apparently - his version of the Andrew Galambos classes on "the natural republic" that Galambos taught in his private school in the 60's and 70's and maybe 80's. The Sisco version is very rigid. It has a kind of cultlike absence of personality and a robotic insistence on Galambos' personal obsessions with Newton the Paine. You know how Ayn Rand "students" only listen to Rachmaninov? And how they are Proud Intransigent Atheists? And tout abortion incessantly? Because Ayn Rand did? That sort of exhausting nonsense. On the plus side he is the only "instructor" of this - i call it the private property universe - that there is who is actually getting out there and explaining things, and since he is the one of the few people who actually have the information that the Galambos "estate" is weirdly reluctant to promulgate because of the amateurish notion that somehow they are the "owners" of this information, much as, say, the Darwin family might hide all his papers if he had not published them and forbade anyone else who might have read them to divulge the contents. It's the same bacteria of the brain that afflicts people at the Laguna Art Festival and other arts and crafts tent shows when the "artisan" posts "NO PHOTOGRAPHS!!" because they are convinced that their "art" - which no one is buying - will be "stolen" by the photographer and he will figure out a way to sell the shit the actual creator can't manage to do! Try and figure it out if you can.


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