Saturday, February 2, 2013

Black History Month

   It's February and Congress has declared this month to NOT be February, but Black History Month. Since there is no black history, since Western civilization - or any other civilization -  didn't pay attention to them, since they were marooned on the "dark continent" of central and southern Africa, no one in the Real World ever heard of negroes until the plantation owners of America decided that having hot nubile sleek African teens to fuck, since you owned them, was a lot more fun than paying the hired help to pick your cotton. You could also corral a big-dicked male and a sultry looking 20 year old female into the breeding room and order them to copulate while you and your buddies - and probably the ladies too - watched and jacked off during the show. Having slaves has lots of advantages, and all of them are sexual. It ain't about saving wages. It's about free rape. Hey, I have no dog in this fight, I don't give a shit about niggers or whites, I don't even belong on this planet.
   So there is no black history. It just doesn't exist. If it did we would all be visiting the Congo Museum and learning about it from the volumes kept there in tact since 3000 BC and written by Moboola Moboola The Scholarly Negro Monk and his acolytes in the Zubidoobu Monastery. Or reading the hieroglyphics in the ruins of the great structures and temples and monuments of the Badabbadabba Civilization.
   But there ain't such things. Because the negroes lived in the dirt until Colonel Buford Krubbs shipped some over here, or Thomas Jefferson before him did. Then they lived in barns. That someone else built.
"Negroe Studies" doesn't extend any further back than Ice Cube.


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