Monday, January 28, 2013

My Casual Genius

   I posted this on Facebook today. Just sort of thinking out loud, I guess I was, so I typed it as I was thinking it.

the purpose of government is to take peoples' stuff and send them to jail or send them to death. if it did not do these things it would not exist because no other entity or apparatus does this. so therefore these tasks are not necessary to anyone or anything other than governments. so that is why governments exist. in order to do this. since no other entity does this or even considers doing this. so that is governments function. so only government does this. cause this is all it does. except for isolated criminals who also do this. and government. so government is collected criminals working in concert to take peoples' stuff and send them to jail and send them to death. people are convinced that without something large performing this function things will collapse and fall apart. after the Revolutionary war the suddenly-free americans realized that there was no large apparatus for taking peoples' stuff and sending them to jail and sending them to death. so they created a government. so now we have an entity taking peoples stuff and sending them to jail and sending them to death. these duties are guaranteed by the constitution. americans are convinced the constitution restricts government from doing these things.actually it just "limits" these activities. which is why we have limited confiscation of stuff, unless you're one of the people that they take all the stuff from,  and limited jail populations and limited death. it's limited to what is possible via manpower and what will not cause a civil war. civil war means it has moved too fast in taking peoples' stuff and sending them to jail and sending them to death. and so, barring civil war, every moment that passes, government's ability to do what government does is made more possible. which is why more stuff gets taken, more people go to jail and more people die "for their country." actually they are dying for their government, so that their government will not be taken-over by someone else's government. all of this is called "human political history." not to be confused with "human progress." the two are different and are mortal enemies. both cannot exist at the same time. thank you. you now understand global politics and 99% of human history. go in peace. and your mom's a whore. thank you again.

   Now, Facebook, of course, is inhabited by - basically - idiots. And the above remarks are a brilliantly short and thorough synopsis of the problem with human "society" for the entire 7,000 years of known human history. And you might be thinking, "Well, what do you hope to accomplish, posting something brilliant on a forum inhabited by idiots?"
   I guess because there's no forum for intelligent people. That would be my first guess, but it's probably more psychological, the reason. Call a shrink, send him over, maybe he can pinpoint it.


At August 17, 2015 at 8:07 PM , Blogger Rice Assrust said...

I expect that death by government is actually somewhat lower than it used to be. The American government prefers the imprisonment method, because it sustains a larger bureaucracy, and because it doesn't "use up" the human resource it exploits to generate the plunder that it needs to fuel it's continuing growth and to reward the individual humans willing to debase themselves into oppressing their fellows, and to justify doing so by using only authoritarian jimmy-wiggling that's been properly disguised as concern, necessity, social justice, or team loyalty.

History, however, is full of dead, bad ideas. And the individual agent is wily and adaptive beyond measure. And the gov's favorite control mechanism - legislation - is deprecated and old and slow, and unable to adapt. Information fluidity means that individuals can now coordinate without becoming parts of groups.

Medium/long term? That should mean game over for Gov. It'll become absurd - governance itself, I mean - in the same way that claiming royal blood is absurd, and then no individual will be able to use governance as their means of attaining ill-gotten loot, or of squeezing whatever sadistic, awful pleasure they get out of controlling others.

But the institution won't go down without a fight. It's more than just a metaphor.

Gov has a will and a purpose beyond those of the individuals it comprises, and beyond the sum of those wills. It's an un-willed will-making machine. It's made of words on paper.

It takes of bunch of random people. It assigns them titles - congressmen, presidents, etc. It extracts a little selfishness from each. Those bits of various random identities combine into a kind of meta-will - an institutional being that, though not self-aware, executes all the behaviors of a person. It does so by using people as agents of it's will. It defends it's agents, until they begin losing. Then, it dumps all accountability onto those people it uses, and somehow escapes culpability each time.

Such is the de-individuating soul reaper called government.


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