Monday, January 28, 2013

Back On Facebook

   As the two readers of this blog may have noticed there has been some suspension of the incredibly interesting articles on this blog all of a sudden. That is because my Facebook prison doors have been swung wide open and i have skipped and danced gayly and i do mean gayly back into the delightful and interesting world of Facebook where the sun always shines and kitten pictures are never more than a scrolling finger away. Where fat women encourage other fat women to hang in there with whatever meaningless activity they are engaged in when not eating donuts and when not yelling at the kids and where men talk about beer and football. The air is so fresh on Facebook, it smells like a deepfryer filled with sweaty gym socks. Yes! Right wingers, left wingers, everyone engaged in politics, in taking meds, and showing pictures of their below-average grand children. It's all there on Facebook and it never gets old. It just gets better.
    I have been allowed out of Facebook jail and have pranced back into the world of Facebook where fat wives pretend they are not fat and where fat husbands pretend they they are not fucking the 15 year old down the road or at least peeking in her window. It's a swell world, the Facebook world, and when I am in there all the other worlds I inhabit fade into the backround of disuse and meaninglessness. Only Obama and politics and videos of horrible bands prevail and that is where i belong: in the middle of Obama, politics, and horrible bands. It is where life makes sense. Or, as I put it earlier, "Yes!"


At January 28, 2013 at 6:25 PM , Blogger Backwater said...

While I was awaiting your return I decreased my boredom by having a heart stent imbedded and a re-do of a root canal. The latter being a reminder to floss more often. The prior, an inconvenient truth.


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