Monday, January 21, 2013

NRA Members


   There is of course no shortage of idiot Americans anxious to lose themselves inside the identity of someone or something else since compulsory education has basically done a fine job of doing what it was designed to do - turn American individuals into government-loving herd members.
   The most interesting and at the same time most dense of these identity-free Americans however have to be without question the members of the National Rifle Association.
   The National Rifle Association is probably the most impotent lobby in the history of the whole weird activity that lobbying is, whatever it is. People joined together for the defense of the Assless Lizard of Tipperarry accomplish more in ten minutes with the bureaucrats they go up against than the NRA has accomplished in its entire existence. Negroes, women, homos, New World Aborigines, cripples, the fucking deaf, people with no fingers, midgets, crossdressers, hemophiliacs, guys on death row, illegal aliens, serial killers, the Taliban, labor unions, the entertainment industry, the Navajos for Christ's sake,  wheelchaired writhing drooling gurglers...all of them have Congogress wrapped around their dripping little peepees.  All these idiot groups fight more successful, more organized, more focused, more majestic fights against Congress in ten minutes than the NRA does in ten years. Meanwhile, the NRA?....they are in a daily, constant, frantic, urgent, dystopic, apoplectic fucking hysteria morning noon and night butting heads with everyone they come into contact with, spitting crazed, red-eyed lunacy about God only knows what, usually something you are either not doing or are doing wrong, while they of course are fighting the war bravely. Who are they fighting against?....well you! - either because you criticized them or you criticized the Most Holy of Holies NRA or you are not obeying whatever it is they are trying to recruit you to do. Which is to get on board the sinking ship that is the NRA and fork over some dough before you go down.
   The only exceptions, the only people the NRA members don't have snit fits against are the "people not sheeple" who pay money to "join" them.....all for the purpose of trying to get DC to allow the inhabitants within the US borders to own a fucking Glock pistol.
   Now, like I say, they do not have to butt heads with their glowing, eager, enthusiastic, fee-paying groupies who are endlessly excited to be "gun advocate roadies" for the weird, totally useless, completely blind heirarchy of the NRA.
   Speaking of which:
   A meeting of NRA "executives" has to be like a gathering of manatees into a cove, a white, pastey, blubber-festooned rubbing of naked bodies that attracts seagulls and other garbage eaters like plankton attracts krill.
   The NRA is the Marines For Comicbook Collectors.
   So, no, the NRA never has a problem with their idiot members who are convinced that by paying 35 dollars a year to a bunch of overweight redfaced cop-sniffers they are charging Pork Chop Hill in screaming, painted-face steroidal warfare against the Forces of the Empire.
   No, dudes, what you are doing is paying 35 dollars for a bumper sticker. You are the Jerry's Kids of Mindlessly Blind Followers.
   What's really funny is that NRA members call everyone else "sheeple." These are guys who are convinced they are in an army of Nordic flesh-eaters, slaying dragons and enchanted entities who vainly cast spells against them as they lustily lay about them, splashing blood and mead upon the walls and filling the fields with corpses of the zombie "sheeple." Meanwhile they array themselves like pawns in front of the king whenver anyone criticizes the NRA - the king being the ground-losing assholes in NRA headquarters in the scenic antelope-festooned praries of Southern Colorado driving Escalades in and out of the compound, the back seats filled with very ugly crackhead prostitutes from Pueblo and Trinity. Especially Pueblo.
   There is nothing more kneejerk - or really even more jerk in general - than an NRA "member." I don't know what these muttonheads think they are members of. They are customers. They are customers paying really high prices for a bumper sticker and a newsletter iterating this year's loss of ground. And not only do they iterate ground lost, they do it in exuberant, fist-clenched WWE-like enthusiasm and fierceness. "We really lost ground this month YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!"
   Being a member of the NRA is like being a "member" of a supermarket. Except being a "member" of a supermarket, you get to pay less for some things than the other customers. Members of the NRA get to spend more because the non members aren't buying anything at all. Meanwhile the members are buying a bumper sticker and a newsletter of despair and Scientology-like admonitions that "more must be done."
   The NRA is a cult, basically, in other words. The people running the cult laugh at the members and the members staunchly defend the people running the cult. Which is how it is with all cults. Which is how it is with governments. Which are cults.
   This is not a new game in town, folks, the NRA. The NRA is a religious useless, nonperforming cult. All religions, all seats of government play it.
   The cult itself never defends itself. It's "members" do that. Cult members gather round the center of the hive like bees do the queen and defend with their lives the egg-laying monstrosity within. They do it with gesticulation, something they think is "yelling," name calling that is not particularly creative - which, parenthetically, since most of the members are Creationists..... they have apparently decided that God's creative abilities in the first 6 days was enough for all of eternity because you will wait a very long time for an NRA member to say something that wasn't told to him by someone else writing an article that the member read and partially memorized.
   NRA members are like Jehova's Witnesses that don't come to the door. And of course they would not come to the door, that would involve actually doing something. And NRA members don't do anything except debate and argue. And you have to go to them. You have to rouse them from their slumber by saying something critical of the totally worthless and useless and pointless NRA. They're like Muslims, NRA members, in an instant's hollering fury at the first sign of "attack." "Saying "the NRA sucks" is an attack to an NRA member. He would attack you with his precious gun, but he can't. That's illegal. HAHAHAHA. The can have guns. They just can't use them. They call this "defending their 2nd Amendment "rights." Ownership without permission to use. The're like Muslims with their screaming and yelling but without the focus or the gameplan or the handbook of clear objectives of the Muslims. If you can imagine that.
   The NRA is an army that is dedicated to Postponing Defeat. The NRA has no victory motive or goal. There is no section in their "impotent  activities" chart that is marked, "Final Objective." They don't have one. It would not occur to them. That light would never go on inside the head of an NRA member. They exist merely to lose ground and say "I warned you all" as they recede into their basements and wait for the cops to arrive and ask them for their fucking Glock. Which they will then hand over, bathing it in their tears as they kiss it goodbye, probably loaded and with the safety off and accidentally discharging it into themselves in the process.
   You probably think I am done. I haven't fucking started.
   If the NRA was actually interested in anything involving anyone other than their own salary-sucking officers they would not have the word "national" in their name. If they were interested in "the right to bear arms" they would not have the word "rifle" in their name. And if they had even one atom's worth of fucking focus they would not have the word "association" in their name. They can't even name themselves right. They must have picked their name out of a hat. Or a dunce cap. They needed three words and they picked three stupid ones. Huey Louie Dewie would have been more ingenious.
   Americans are not a "national." The Feds are a national. One of the idiotic baseball leagues is a national. Hoops is a national. A national rifle association sounds like something working in concert with government, not something conducting legal warfare against it.
   A fucking "rifle" association means that the NRA is going to go down holding a rifle. Because every other kind of armament will have been forbidden to the American public and the illegal alien American public prior to that day.
   So therefore in just the first two words of their fucking gay name they have hogtied and manacled and strangled themselves. It makes you wonder if the NRA is not really a branch of the government, doesn't it? They're that fucked up.
   If there is a weaker word in English than "association" it can only be pansy. The National Rifle Pansy would in fact very likely actually be a better choice, it would allure the gay members of the left - which is all of them -  and the gay members of the right - which is 80% of them - right away into a state of mild curiosity and friendliness. Already I can hear the gay readers of this article tilting their heads and going "National Rifle Pansy? What is thaaaaat omigawd i love it!!!!"
     Walmart calls its drooling shuffling waddling employees "associates." Which means "nothings." If you are an associate you are a nothing. The gas chambers of Dacchau were filled, emptied, and refilled with associates every 30 minutes. Being in an "association" is the same as being in a kiddie park. The Mafia calls itself an association as a fucking joke. "Oh well, it's like this, officer,  I belong to an exclusive Italian mens' association. We gather and have meetings and discuss various and sundry topics of delight and betterment of both to us and to the community." He uses the word association because the word conveys weakness and ineffectivness and impotence and a general malaise and ennui and who gives a shit. It puts the police and everyone else to sleep in other words. Which is what the Mafia wants.
   And apparently so does the National Rifle Association. If they had named themselves the Dullard White Men of Slumberland they would have had a more effervescent and volcanic name than National Rifle Association. National Rifle Association sounds like a fucking historical society. Which is probably not inappropriate because the NRA is heading for an existence only in the history books at a really fast clip. The only reason the NRA still exists at all is because for the time being the Left is still wary of them. As Bill Clinton pointed out yesterday.
   HAHAHAHA! Shows you how stupid the Left is. But that will not always be the case. All it will take is one leftie with enough brains to see what a weak opponent the fucking NRA with its costumed militiamen who are scared of their own wives, forget about taking-on the District of Columbia; one leftie who has the light of reality flash on inside his gay collectivist skull to see how shallow and ineffective the NRA is and just pour on the heat. Hey, Lefty Guy In Waiting - the NRA has been in retreat its whole existence. All it is fighting for now is membership! Not liberty. It just wants members. It doesn't want victory. It has no idea what victory is or what it would look like. They just want members! Members for its Association! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


At January 21, 2013 at 2:42 PM , Blogger Larry R said...

They got good cheap insurance and always want more money for some fear-mongering that they identify. Oh well, they have their place along with all other blamers.


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