Friday, January 18, 2013

Wendy Grew Up. And Out.

    Have I written about Wendy before? She's the physically unpleasant Rosie O'donnell look-alike who now does the tv commercials for Wendy's. She is the little red headed, pigtailed cartoon child on the logo. And now she is a walking representative of excessive caloric intake who meanders through a Wendy's while talking to the camera.
   Wendy smiles, but it is a very frightening smile. It is a sneer, not a smile. If you want to learn how to sneer, look at Wendy doing a commercial. It is not a smile. A smile is the visible sign of inner happiness. Wendy's smile is a visible sign of inner disgust. It is a smile that frightens.
   Her eyes do not smile either. There is no mirth in them. There is anger. Maybe it's the food. Square hamburger patties  are off-putting, let's face it. If they are on square buns that makes them even more alien. Nice people do not eat square hamburgers. Freaks of Nature eat them. Wendy apparently eats a lot of them. She clearly eats a lot of something.
   I never actually listen to what she says because I am too absorbed in staring at her. "Why do they have a fat angry woman with a frightening smile telling me to eat her food?" is all that goes through my mind.
   She shows a picture of her dad at one point, the guy that started the chain. His smile looks genuinely friendly. She might want to check her DNA.


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