Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hollister 2

There's a Los Angeles dj, Dave Hull, who has his autobiography out, written in conjunction with Bill Hayes who is the press agent for and member of the Boozefighters MC, which is the same motorcycle club that inadvertently instigated the Hollister Incident.
   Dave is going to have a book signing at the Fuddruckers in Burbank on the 19th. Since I am actually in this book, and since I was the one who introduced these two to each other -  since Bill was writhing at the reins to meet Dave Hull when he learned I had actually worked with him on a show everyone in LA listened to once upon a time and that I could get ahold of him whenever I wanted - I am going to be there too. Unofficially. I will be there Officially, if Dave gets his way. But he will not get his way. This is not about me.
   But mischief and fun is.
   I said to Bill "Ya know, wouldn't it be entertaining if 50 Boozefighters nonchalantly began strolling one by one into Fuddruckers..." (and this is no offense to the Boozefighters, but a lot of them make Chelsea Handler look attractive and approachable and well coiffed and properly dressed) ".....and began to meander over to the book signing and start leafing through the pages and pretending they could read, or maybe actually reading, the ones who can..."
   "Well me and Dave did write it, so it's pretty easy reading!"
   "Exactly! they start poring through the books and sitting at other peoples' tables in an absent minded way or sitting on the tables, you know, on the edge, and just sort of losing themselves in the pages, all kinda absent-minded.....wouln't that be kind of entertaining? Don't you think? You see any real-life comedy elements in that at all, Billy???"
   He immediately sent me some photos of some guys that looked like Rasputtin would kick them out of a human sacrifice ceremony he was officiating at and taking place in a squalid dungeon under filthy dog-shit-festooned Paris, France.
   "Think these fellows qualify?" he inquired.
   "They might be a little too refined for a Dave Hull swahray but it's worth a try," I rejoindered.
   Dave Hull refers to himself as The Hullabalooer. I suggested the event could be called "Hullaballoo at Hollister 2! At Burbank: Not Hollister. And With Burgers. Not Beer."
   Or something akin to that but maybe a little shorter. And a little catchier.
   It would also be entertaining if the police showed up. Maybe some could be hired for the event so they wouldn't be tempted to act like cops but like employees, as they are actually supposed to act.
   And then at some point I would instigate a riot and burn the place down. Bam. Incident over, a good time had by all.
   I am getting some flack about the rioting and fire part. But the rest of it seems to be intriguing all to whom I have mentioned it. With the exception of Dave Hull. To whom I have not mentioned it.


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Nice story. Glad to see this.
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