Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Niggers In Art

   I got an email from this gallery today. An artist who I guess has devoted himself to painting niggers painted some more niggers. I am supposed to look at these and want to buy them so that I can have paintings of niggers in my home.
   Dear painter of niggers, Jerry Lynn: I already know niggers sit on the porch and play the banjo and put their elbows on their knees and hang their heads and just sit there. And, over and above this, I also know that they breed more head-hangers and banjo players and assemble in their shitty yards in their shitty clothes and pose for pictures and paintings while looking pathetic. I already know they do this. In fact, I am shocked you are not considered a cruel racist for painting these scenes depicting Negro Bovine Inaction And Indifference.
    Speaking of bovine, it just occurred to me, I bet if negroes took to crawling through pastures on their hands and knees and eating grass they would become a lot less mopey, or rather I should say their mopeyness would no longer bother them, assuming it does, because they would be living a life more in tune with their natural inclinations; which are cow-like and sedentary and listless. Except on the basketball court or during a looting riot street celebration of theft and arson.
   Returning to niggers in art, white people who paint niggers - and niggers who paint niggers - always depict the niggers they paint in a stereotypical manner. American white painters paint niggers sitting on the porch - like porch monkeys - and American Negro niggers paint niggers balancing baskets on their heads and ambling through a dazzellingly colorful caribbean dirt road in a jaunty or at least contented manner. The nigger is never depicted at a workbench or a desk, puzzling over a problem or actually doing something more complicated than carrying a basket on his head. He is also never depicted gathering flowers from a flower garden, though I did see an illustration in a crime magazine once of a nigger lad running through a flower bed in a yard, not his, crushing the flowers underfoot, with two cops in hot pursuit.
   Once in a while a white or a black painter will paint a nigger in a smudgy, whirly way, playing a saxophone. This also is a stereotypical depiction that the white press-employees and the NAACP and other racist racist-haters seem to have never taken to task. I love that expression "taken to task." Because I have no idea what it means but if you use it the people listening pretend that they do.
A writer or speaker is never criticized for using an expression that nobody knows the meaning to if it is vague enough to where nobody can even hypothesize what the meaning is  because it's so randomly erratic and anomalous to understanding. If it fits inside those parameters you can use it relentlessly and never once be called on it. Fuckin A.
   Where was I?
   Oh yes, niggers on the porch and niggers in the yard.
   Now let's imagine you are the purchaser of the two paintings above and you hang them in your living room.
   Why the fuck would you do such a thing? A fucking Thomas Kinkade piece of shit elf-cottage in the forest surrounded by red and purple and orange and blue shrubs with no shadows anywhere and no light source visible would be more decorative and relaxing than a passel of motionless niggers dreaming dreams of Africa, sitting in the dirt and drinking each others' urine hanging on the wall. If you are going to have paintings of niggers hanging on your wall have them hanging from nooses. At least you can look at them and feel somewhat relaxed knowing that those niggers, at least, are not going to cause anyone any problems. Unlike those three sitting on the porch and who are wondering grimly if the 8 year old white girl is going to pass by today with no underear under her dress and maybe without her attack dog; and unlike that family of sullen, probably frustrated and plotting, gathering of the unemployed in that grassless yard in the second picture. Who the fuck knows what's going on in their minds. It looks like a zombie reuinion to plan which white planation owner to kill, cook, and eat first.
   Now the reaction you are supposed to have, looking at these two pictures is "Oh the poor American negroes: they are so put-upon. I must help them." You want to help them?...move to a nigger neighborhood and start advising them on how to maintain their property values. Stay with them day and night and let them into your life, not just in paintings, but in full flesh and blood reality. See how long you like it. See how long you last before losing your sanity.  


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