Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Two Biggest Moochers

   The Church and the State throughout history either compel you to give them money or unabashedly beg for it. These are the two most unproductive, non-producers in history and one or the other or both working together have created every war on record. There has never been a tycoon-caused war unless it was a price war. But the tycoons are universally assailed as the "evil greedy ones." This is why I hate humanity and the masses. Because humanity and the masses are foul, reeking, demonic, pussy-hating, faggot, motherfucking losers. People instinctively align themselves with the Church and the State and instinctively detest the self-made wealthy individual - which is what comes along when the Church and the State are rendered powerless -  because the "worker," or the guy that thinks with his back and shoulders and upper thigh muscles instead of with his brain and who usually steals from his employer, is the spiritual comrade of the Church and the State. If it was not so then we would be living in a free society rather than an oppressive one. But the worker, or drudge, or clod, usually surpasses in population the thinkers and the doers and the energetic and the innovative and the creators. And it is this eternal, immortal mob of regenerating imbeciles who only know how to breed that insist that the Church and the State "run things." Because they feel a kinship, but lack the work ethic even towards evil that the churchmen and statesmen possess. So they are content to allow them to hold the top spots in the Destructive and Greedy Pecking Order. The thinkers and righteous are usually the ones in prison. Which is why the idiots always insist on a prison system: it keeps the smart ones from breeding.


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