Friday, September 7, 2012

Two Niggers Sue In-N-Out

 Two fucking niggers are suing In-N-Out, the only Christian-owned non-public business left in America and the only one also making a profit as you can tell by the eternal lines around the block at all of them - two fucking niggers are suing In and Out because they didnt get hired there.
   These have to be Obama-paid stooges cause the nigger in chief has long-range plans to dismantle any and all of the few existing companies outside of the legal sewer that is Wall Street. You can't buy shares of In and Out, only fries. Their product is burgers, not operating a gambling house.
   I should mention that these two niggers are also over 40. In and Out hires teen agers, most of them female. You know these two coons just want to stick their fingers up the chicks' asses and their other fingers into the till. Two 40 year old nigger adult males have to work at In and Out or their lives will simply collapse into ruin. I guess this is their claim.
   Niggers are amazing. They are like Muslims, they can declare that the sun is a bottle cap and the moon is a can opener and claim it with hi-energy screaming and yelling and no one ever carts them off to insane asylums. This never stops amazing me.
   There was no picture of these two moolie fucks because that would be Actual Journalism and that  disappeared when Hearst turned newspapers into Toddlers and Tiaras. Laziness in reporting caught on and hasn't left the barn since. Why investigate when you can just make shit up?
   In and Out is not only not incorporated and thus out of the destructive clutches of Washington, they also print Bible verses on their packaging. You have to hunt to find them but they are there.
   Overt demonstrations of Christianity INFURIATE Washington DC bureaucrats. America is founded on Masonic principles, not Christian ones as the sleepy-eyed Christian politicos claim. Masonry is a system of working-your-way-to-godly status amid all sorts of self-examination and introspection to contact some inner critter that abides in there - probably an L Ron Hubbard remora-like spirit or hitchhiking entity, or The Goat With A Thousand Young, or some other nightmare inhabitant of our souls, a who-knows-what -  a creepy decent into spiritual and literal darkness, usually in a lower room, a ritualistic and formulaic series of steps and inner "revelations" and bizarre declarations of New Age "union with god"via a personal journey of discovery and self-"improvement" that all but declares for the record that its function is to prove Jesus a fraud.
   Has anyone but me noticed that "freedom of religion" in America means "all religions welcome but Christianity"? There is a swollen, heaving mass of "American white citizens" who gauge their intelligence by how many blasphemies against Christianity they can belch like volcanic fumaroles at a professing Christian. It's not just disagreement. It's enraged fury. Fortunately none of these demons-in-training can stand up against a "fuck you asshole." They flee, like toads from the bank hopping back into the murk when a panther walks by.
   So anyway, In and Out has been a burr under Obama's thong ever since he learned of its existence. And since a company is forced by government to implement racist policies, and since In and Out hasn't done that yet, the two niggers will use the glorious and saintly court system created by the Masonic blueprint for Satanism, the Constitution that - get this! - Christians declare to be from the pen and ink- bottle of Heaven!
   When these two niggers, and the courts, and DC, and the press, and Chris Matthews get done with In and Out, it will be filled with niggers in saggy knit-hats on their heads and muslims in burkhas and veils, all of them poisoning the food, and it will be real easy to get in line because there won't be a line. Which is the real reason for this suit; so that the court&legal system of checks and balances that keep Washington in business and everyone else in turmoil can put In and Out out of business.
   After this suit delivers the first KO punch on In and Out look for the next suit by some atheist proclaiming that the Bible quotes on the wrappers are in violation of his Assholean Rights to be an atheist who hates Jesus and Yahweh even though they insist these two dont exist. That's what's coming next. In and Out is in the crosshairs. Be funny if In and Out triggers the next American Revolution like the tea tax triggered the first one HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Count me in on the burger-side when it starts. Dying in a firefight against bureaucrats in a war to defend hamburgers sounds like a good way to go to me. Expecially if you're my age. You kids stay home, grampa's gut this.       


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