Thursday, September 6, 2012

God And The United States Government

   The big ta-do this week is the flap over the God or no God in the Democratic platform. God won even though He was outvoted by the majority of delegates who wanted Him or Her out. However it's just a matter of time before He will be officially out because God and government are fundamentally incompatible and contradictory and arch enemies. Especially in the American government, the Constitution of which violates all ten Commandments. And if there were ten thousand commandments the only effect would be the Constitution would be a lot longer than it is now in order to get the job done.
   The Constitution's most blatant usurpations of the Ten Commandments, fair to say, restrict themselves most obviously to a violation of the First, Fifth, Eighth and Tenth. And violations of the Second come from it's cavalier elevation of the taking and swearing of oaths from "things that come from Satan" to "things that are inherently holy."
   It is never made clear what god in particular the nation is "under." It is also never made clear what areas of the country and the government and the populace "god" is in charge and where he isn't. If he's in charge of the whole shebang and from the get-go then why do we have laws and legislators and police and fines and prison sentences and arrests and confiscations and taxes and all the other things that - if Christianity is true and if the God we are speaking about is Yahweh and Jesus, one and the same - have been abrogated to the "extinct" pile.
   So none if this is ever made clear.
   The Muslims have something called god who is an assfucking serial killer and a child molesting camel-blower. Is that the god we are under?
   The Masons who engineered the Constitution in the first place have a god called GAOTU, the attributes of whom or which are never explained, at least not to the average Mason.
   The Buddhists don't have a deity so are they exempt from the national organization?...or do they have to accept the Washington DC god.
   Satanists declare Lucifer, the arch enemy of Jesus, to be god. Is that the god spoken of that we are under?
   Never expect answers to any of these questions, you are just supposed to say under god and either let it go at that OR, if you are REALLY nuts, you go blue in the face and insist at the top of your voice that god needs to be removed for some reason known only to yourself.


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