Thursday, September 6, 2012

Alec Baldwin Is A Girl

   Alec Noballs Baldwin, gladiator-in-chief when it comes to pushing nebish little jews with cameras around as long as they are in packs of one, is having some problems with Hank Williams calling the nigger in chief a Muslim. For a grown white man to be defending a mincing half-nigger ass-in-the-air allah worshipping, saudi-kissing faggot from inside a five-foot-one 300 pound bow-legged buttocks-free body...that person has got to be in the gay-denial ichor-filled harbor of Seajizz Island. He might be fooling everyone else with his stern-faced glares, staring up at all his adversaries like Billy Barty having a comical snit fit, and pretending to be all feisty and rough and tumble, but he is not fooling the old Jayster and his tremendously vibrant and delightful gay radar. You don't marry the hottest chick in Hollywood and then two weeks later she is batshit crazy and her career tanks inexplicably unless there is something scary wrong with you. His fucking daughter is a self-hating basket case, and his new trophy wife is probably already in an insane asylum. I will say this for the squat little fart-made-visible, picking on Hank Williams is the first overtly MANLY thing he has ever done. I will ask Jesus to bring the two of them together so that he can speak to Williams verbally instead of via the Tweeting mechanism. Which I might add is just another gay thing he does. He Tweets.  


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