Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Proof Jesus Is God

   The above book is a transcription ( the writing down of spoken words) of a course in sociology that used to be given by the author. The author's dead now. He was really really fat. He did not die hungry.
   He was an astrophysicist who one day got pissed off at his government-controlled bosses because his theories about the cosmos conflicted with his bosses theories, who, being government employees, were not allowed to think, and he got so frustrated he decided to destroy all the governments of the earth.
   He does so in this book. It's only a matter of time before the contents of this book actually destroy all the governments of the earth.
   Except for a handful of people with reading comprehension skills, like myself, the book is considered quackery by most people who have read it or who have heard about it but have not read it.
   It's not an easy book to get. Galambos, the author, was and is a bit of a cult figure to many of the people who profess to understand his eradication-of-government revelations. His "estate" is kind of unbusinesslike. They have an understanding of right and wrong that has installed them into straightjackets and then sealed the straightjackets in cement and then hauled the cemented straightjacketed inhabitants to Devil's Island and locked them into a cell and then nuked the island. It's more complicated than Denise Richards. Even though there is a demand for the book the facilitators are either lazy or bored. They are not what anyone who ever owned a business would call "productive."
   The contents of the book, which is probably the easiest text book to read in history, proves that all governments fail and that all governments are identical, and that all governments are evil, and that a government-free environment does not create chaos, but rather that we already have chaos, and that a government-free environment in this present technological, scientific, industrial age, would propel human knowledge and humans themselves into the extraterrestrial universe almost immediately and raise the standard of living of the poverty-stricken to a higher state than the pharaohs of Egypt, forget about how well the rich would be doing.
   This is why the book is scoffed at by all bureaucrats alive and most devotees of bureaucracy and those who put their trust in tax-collectors.
   The central premise of the idea in the book is that there is only one kind of property and that is private property, and that the absolute protection of private property is the key that turns the lock that opens the door to the universe. The notion of "public property" is declared to be a mythical, barbarian concept disguised as a voodoo deity, giving it a license and permission to take you and your stuff, that all government is incompatible with private property, that without property rights civilization cannot endure since it would violate all natural social laws, and that government employment is the persistent arrogant insistence of the evil-minded to defy natural law by declaring themselves the true owners of everyone else's property. Which of course is not a formula for longevity. Thus all States collapse; national, state, county, city, religious, livingroom-size empires...they are doomed by Nature.
   As you can see by your own reaction right now, this is not a book that is going to bring comfort and relaxation to most people.
   How does this prove Jesus is God? Because Yahweh, and then Jesus who claimed to be Yahweh, proposed this theory first. So-far I think I am the only person on earth and in history who has "cognited" as the scientologists say, on this. Nothing unusual there.
   Ok, I'm done! Thank you!


At September 6, 2012 at 6:57 AM , Blogger Woodstock said...

Fuck no jj, you ain't the only one. I'm with you. I get it. What you are saying is absolutely true. Well there are two of us now.


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