Sunday, May 8, 2011

Donald Trump's Bitch Kills Bin Laden

In one week Donald Trump has forced his bitch, the nigger in chief, to reveal something akin to a birth certificate and to kill Bin Laden. It's not a coincidence that Bin Laden had to die as soon as the nigger said "how high" when Donald Trump told him to jump. This was a major face-saving decision on the nigger's part. Anyone who says he is incapable of making decisions really under estimates this trained Muslim operative. It also shows that George Bush knew where Bin Laden was for his whole time in office after 9-11. He just didn't want to kill him. He is a friend of Bin Laden's family, you know. Very bad form killing a houseguest's son just because he attacked your Country. Bin Laden being killed by US Forces one week after Donald Trump demanded the sock monkey to do what he said is so not a coincidence there are no odds to describe it in gambling terms without drifting into numbers that would equal the amount of electrons in a neutron star. There is about one chance in a trillion trillion, in other words, of Bin Laden's death being merely coincidental to Trump's humiliating demands. Throughout American history it has always taken a white man to get a nigger to do any work and nothing has changed over the centuries.


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