Saturday, April 16, 2011

Donald Trump To My Rescue!

I started this blog the day after the sock monkey won the election. I waited 24 hours because that's how long I sat motionless just staring into the kitchen. Cecily recalls the day differently remembering that that was the day "things were quiet." I could have had catatonia brought on by a fatal overdose of brain cancer and internal bleeding and immediate rigor mortis and I don't think she would have noticed, being more aware of "the quietness" of things. Maybe if I had been there for two days instead of just one she might have had the thought that something was wrong. I don't know. Because by the second day I was resolved to fight that idiot commie muslim illegal alien piece of walking aids-infected coke addicted penis drinker with my every waking moment until if I had to I single-handedly personally got him removed from office either by pissing him off should he ever stumble onto my personal electronic war zone, pissing him off so bad so fast his fucking brain exploded, or else by inspiring an army of like minded but less articulate and personally infuriated Americans into voting him out of office and hopefully out of the country. My personal battle has suddenly been made easier by the tentative announcement that Donald Trump has decided to run After Obama's job.
Two years after the muslim fuck nigger bastard moolie commie kenyan Father Unknown sock monkey took office, at this halfway point my life suddenly has become calmer and almost enthusiastic at the announcement by Mr Cool, Donald Trump, a white man from the United States who has already shown us his birth certificate, that he is seeking the nigger in chief's job.
Needless to say the press journalist jew bad writers with university degrees in communication have leaped into the melee with the same enthusiasm and terror that they did with Palin: the difference being Trump doesn't defend himself against them, unlike Palin. He counter attacks. Nobody is a match for this guy. He is just too clever. And by clever I mean compared to his political enemies. He is already calling himself Obama's "worst nightmare." No other white man in the public eye will say even that Obama wears the wrong socks and here's Trump saying that he's Obama's worst nightmare. And he is not kidding: Obama will naver take-on Trump. He will run and hude every time because he knows as well as I do - and I know this nigger pretty good - that he is no match for Trump on any level or on any field. Trump knows that this coon has never had anyone opposed to him because he is "so articulate and well behaved: why, he's one of the GOOD niggers!" This is how whitey talks and thinks. But Obama knows his niggers. He knows this one is a fucking menace. God bless Donald Trump. And Wells Fargo. My next two years of Monkey bashing are going to be almost fun now that Trump showed up to help me.


At May 1, 2011 at 5:32 PM , Blogger Backwater said...

Have you ever noticed that Obamma will invite individuals (like the whole Supreme Court, Paul Ryan, and now D Trump)to some bash that has national coverage and then rips them a new ass hole in front of the world knowing full well they won't be able to rebut or walk out. OK, so the SC wasn't directly invited, but he knew they would show. I pray that Trump becames Obammas worst nightmare.

At May 8, 2011 at 1:04 AM , Blogger jj solari said...

in one week trump has gotten the sock monkey to show something resembling a birth certificate and to kill bin laden. it always takes a white man to get a nigger to do any work.


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