Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two Thousand And Eleven

At the moment Facebook is "unavailable" to me and this happened a few seconds after i said something about the jews killing Jesus and nuns with cocks in their mouths. That means I am now here. A place I seldom go since Facebook came into my life. I get things off my chest a lot quicker there however they are lost forever except to the FBI in the event they ever need to collect my Facebook files. The sock monkey has suffered some slippage of his power base since the "tea party" - which has been compromised by the Republicans and the tea partyers are of course too naive to see this - since the "tea party" had a monumental effect on the Cuntgressional elections last November. A man named Boner is now the speaker of the house, America having had its fill of Cuntly Cuntlosi. However the Supreme Court is packed with commies put there by the nigger in chief so dont look for any illegal alien problems to ever be solved outside of an armed purge conducted by legal citizens who just go berserk from exassperation at the emergency-room situation in this country and the welfare to illegals which is breaking every socialist bank in every state and county and city a d federal government we have, which is about 3,000 different governments here in the land of the free.


At January 11, 2011 at 9:10 AM , Blogger Backwater said...

And in addition had one missed it, there are commercials with all south of the border themes. The school teacher and the little latin looking girl being taught to read. The two kids in a class room with a teacher that catches one passing a note (let's not cheat)with latin music in the background. There is another about sharing. All the kids look like latins. Background music is latin. Not a blue eye in the bunch. I think you have been in a closet for awhile. Nun's giving oral sex back in the 60's was OK, it ain't no more. Progressives and PC.


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