Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Articulate in Chief is seen here giving the Jedi "thought erasing" gesture to his listeners as he prepares to explain to them how he - who has never had a job other that the Chief Executive - why is it that this fact doesn't tell anyone but me that the job of President has to be the easiest on on earth?....if a nigger who never even worked at Macdonalds can hold the position and not be fired for four years? Why does this not tell anyone that the Presidency is a farce? Anyway he is seen here hypnotizing the legions of white admirers of his into Nigger Sleep - which white people seem to have learned from him and from their rapping song-idols - he is lulling them into understanding how he will "improve the economy" which he is destroying. He will probably get lots of encouragement in this magical event. We all like our deities to do well.


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