Sunday, May 22, 2011

Donald Trump Begs Off

Donald Trump decided he doesn't want to run for president. i guess the first thing the press did was dig up his draft dodging history. But I am going to fix this. Donald Trump likes to listen to people. I am going to write him an overland letter - that's rule number one for getting someone's attention - an overland letter complete with return name and address - and I am going to tell him "Just say this to the people who react badly to all the shitty crap on you they can dig up; just say 'Hey: assholes; do you want a president who can solve all our fucking problems?.... or do you want a president you personally approve of.' This will shut them the fuck up." This should get him to change his mind. It just needs to be said to him. He'll go "You know what?...this Jay Salami or whatever the fucking wop's name is makes sense. Fuck the American People and their pussyass judgemental hypocrisy; I'm running again!!!" He'll be so grateful he might even let me watch Veedahnka or whatever her name is nurse the new baby. WOO HOO!!!


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