Sunday, February 28, 2010

The White Olympics

The White Olympics is now over and I suppose I will be paying attention to the nigger in chief again. It's been nice looking at just white people for 17 days romping in the snow, athletes from all the white nations, some of them retarded white nations like Holland and France and Sweden, but ya know, being white, there's hope. Even though they are European. I was happy to see Canada win the hockey game because if they had lost they might have held a grudge and since Canada is the only country that actually likes white Americans, we might need to flee to there when the Muslims nuke America, which I suspect is coming, probably before the nigger in chief runs out of steam. In fact I am sure he will know about it in advance. Because he actually is a Muslim and they all know what all the other Muslims are doing. They're like Armenians or gypsies. He will likely be in Saudi Arabia when it happens.


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