Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Koran Versus Jesus

   According to the Koran God cannot have a son. At least allah can't. Yahweh can but Allah can't. Not that the Koran ever mentions Yahweh. In the Koran Allah is the Bible deity, or "the book" deity as the Koran refers to the Old Testament. Or its forbears. Or its afterburners. Whatever they're called. The Pentytuke. The Talmuck. Some fuckin' thing like that. At any rate, god cannot have a son. So Jesus is not god. And since Christians not only worship a Jew but worship this Jew as the creator of the universe…….well, that is why Muslims detest Christians more than they detest anything else, including pigs, jews, women, heterosexuality, cleanliness, underwear, the avoidance of murder and the abstaining from incest with prepubescent children. So the Koran, rather than state that Allah, unlike Yahweh, is weak in some areas, such as sexual intercourse with women, it merely asks, rather than states, the question, over and over and over "Can God have a son?" And to this question asked over and over in the Koran, the anwer you are supposed to give is no. Even though God can actually have a son if the God is Yahweh. So the Koran basically admits that its god is a bit of a shithead when it comes to omnipotence. Or any other kind of potency probably since if you cant get it up for a human female you could be fuckin' gay.  


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