Saturday, January 5, 2013

How You Know You Are In A Cult


 You can be in a cult and not know it. The way you tell is if when someone says anything against the cult you are not aware that you are in - you get blindly infuriated. Then you know that you are in a cult and have accepted an implant of "suggestion" rather than one of metal and plastic. Metal and plastic hypnotic implants actually don't exist. Only audible sound transmissions exist in the implant world. The way you tell if you are not in a cult is if when if someone says anything demeaning to the cult that you are not in you react with either indifference or quiet amusement mixed with some pity or at least sympathy for their errant plight or in some cases with a smile because something amusing was said.
   Now then let's see if you are in any cults:
   There is no God.
   America sucks.
   The Constitution blows.
   Jesus was a faggot.
   Your mother is a whore.
   Mohammed was a goat fucker.
   The Irish are all retarded.
   Italians are all ignorant thugs.
   Queen Elizabeth is a nigger fucker.
   The Pope is Satan.
   L. Ron Hubbard was a lying Jew sociopath.
   Muslims assfuck little boys.
   Jesus is present in the host but his turds and urine are not.
   Astrology was born inside the rectum of Satan and only the deranged regard it as useful.
   Fags are ok people.
   Only the minority of Muslims are jihadists and murderers and liars and human monstrosities unfit to live.
   Most Mexicans are honest.
   The American Indian is a dynamic force for the industrial and technological future.
   Negroes are a super great and fantastic race and we can expect real and substantial progress for Mankind at their hands and with their leadership and guidance and wisdom and understanding and intelligence.
   C'thulhu is a pansy douchebag queer emo fag who jacks off on Michael Jackson posters.

   Ok! How did you do?


At January 6, 2013 at 5:26 PM , Blogger Backwater said...

uh, I need to read the question information selections again.


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