Friday, January 4, 2013

Why Anti Trust Started

   By the end of the 19th century it was clear to the monarchs and warlords of Europe that the capitalists of America were outstripping them in wealth and not only that they were doing it honestly by creating things people were anxious to voluntarily purchase rather than just going in and taking shit like the monarchs of Europe were doing to accumulate wealth.
   Since the bureaucrats of America, worshiping the monarchs and warlords of Europe as they were, and as they still do, were anxious to please the monarchs and warlords of Europe, they did as the monarchs and warlords of Europe ordered them to, and passed laws making the accumulation of wealth illegal. It has taken this long to hone the "captains of industry" down to, well, none, now that Steve Jobs is dead, but the job is pretty well completed and America is pretty much just another European mushpot of medieval thinking and third world superstition and sloth. Once the world economy collapses probably only Israel will remain solvent because that seems to be God's plan throughout human history and I don't know why he would do things different now just because we're the ones here, walking around, and not the people who lived here 6,000 years ago, since human assholes are pretty much interchangeable from epoch to epoch.


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