Monday, January 14, 2013

Shitty New Corvette

   According to some tool named Damon Lavrinc who works at WIRED this is the "first Corvette you will actually want."
   This is the first Corvette I would actually take a piss on the tires. It looks like a fucking Datsun. It looks like a Korean penis version of a Corvette.It looks like the design crew got fired and Obama sat down and drew a car. And then they all begged him to blow them and he said "Only if you actually make this car" and they jizzed on each others' faces in happy anticipation and delight to suck the little faggot dick of the president of the Muslim States of Islamica. It looks like a fucking Pontiac Klunk Kar. It looks like a Corvette that was squeezed shorter to appeal to the more idiotic aesthetically challenged of the Obama Auto Works emporium. It's the Edsel model of the Corvette. It's the New Coke from Government Motors.
   But hey, WIRED likes it, and they always know what's what, they're the titless version of Playboy, and Playboy of course has the pulse of hipness. Titless Hipness, that's WIRED. And they really like this piece of shit Corvette. I can smell the semen and saliva that flowed into this article from here. Semen and saliva. There's a phrase that deserves to become viral. "The semen and saliva apparently flowed pretty thick to get the new Corvette design approved by this week's CEO at GM, ey?" "It's gonna take a lot of semen and saliva to get this plan approved." "Was this decided by thought, wisdom and good council?...or was it a semen and saliva decision between the boss and the Chipendale dancer brought into his office." "How did this get okayed, by the semen and saliva method? Or just ordinary incompetence."


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